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Arizona Open Meeting Law, April 2013

Bisbee Bus Schedule - Bisbee Bus Phone Number (520) 508-1936

Budget FY 09-10

Budget FY 09-10 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 09-10 Tentative

Budget FY 10-11

Budget FY 10-11 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 10-11 Tentative

Budget FY 11-12

Budget FY 11-12 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 11-12 Tentative

Budget FY 12-13

Budget FY 12-13 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 12-13 Tentative

Budget FY 13-14

Budget FY 13-14 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 13-14 Tentative

Budget FY 14-15

Budget FY 14-15 AGO Schedules

Budget FY 14-15 Tentative

Capital Improvement Plan FY 08 - 12

City Charter 2008

City Code, Updated August 2014

City of Bisbee Comprehensive Tranportation Plan, Februrary 2012

City of Bisbee - Standard Terms and Conditions, Updated 10/2012

City of Bisbee - Bisbee Contract for Services, 10/2012

City of Bisbee - Standard Notice of Proposed Purchase

Design Review Board -Design Guidelines for the Bisbee Historic Districts

Feasibility Study- Senior Care Facility 12/22/2014

Financial Statements and Audit FY 13-14

Financial Statements and Audit FY 12-13

Financial Statements and Audit FY 11-12

Financial Statements and Audit FY 10-11

Financial Statements and Audit FY 09-10

Financial Statements and Audit FY 08-09

Financial Statements and Audit FY 07-08

General Plan Volume I: Data and Analysis, January 20, 2004

General Plan Volume I: Data and Analysis, Updated June, 2014

General Plan Volume II: Implementation, Adopted January 20, 2004

Impact Fee Study (Draft)

Organization Chart

Park and Facility Use Fees

Parks Master Plan

Personnel Rules and Regulations

SEAGO TIP Application

Sidewalk Enhancement Plans

Streets Inventory Map

Subdivision Code

Bisbee Tax Code 2011

Zoning Code1998, Updated May 2014

Update Old Bisbee Residential Historic Property Tax Reduction Program

Complete Information Packet

Forms Required for Consideration

Bisbee Commercial Historic District National Register 1980


Adopt a Park Information Packet

Affidavit of Vacant Property, Updated 08/21/2014

Airport Ground Lease Package

Amendment to the Zoning Code Application

2009 Animal Shelter Adoption Application, 2009

Board of Adjustment Application 2009

Board / Committee Membership Application 2013

Bisbee Bus Transit Advertising Agreement

Building Permit Application

Special Inspection Certificate

***Building Permit Handout on Exemptions

***Building Permit Handout on Re-roofing

***Building Permit Handout on Water Heater Installation

Business License Packet, 01/06/2015

Contract for Sewer & Garbage Services

Credit Card Authorization Form

Debit Card Authorization Form

Design Review Board Application

Employment Application

Extension of Premises/Patio Permit, 02/2012

Evergreen Cemetery Permanent Structure Permit

Foster Application

Friends of the Copper Queen Library Volunteer Form

Low Income Sewer Discount Application, 06/2012

Manufactured Home Permit 2009

Arts and Monuments in Public Space Application and Instructions

Merit Based Art Application Form

Merit Based Art Application Form Final Report

Notice of Claim Against the City of Bisbee, 09/2012

Paper Bag Reporting Form
Park, Facility and Right of Way Use Permit

Petition to the Mayor and City Council

Public Records Request Form

Public Record Request Form - Commercial Purpose, 07/01/13

Public Works Right of Way Permit

Rezoning Application 2009

Safety Hazard Report Form

Site Plan Review Application 2009

Special Event License Application

Special Use Permit Application 2009

Swimming Pool Facility Rental/Use Permit

Transfer or Sale of City Real Property Application 2009

Volunteer Application

Zoning Maps

Zoning Map Directory

Zoning Map 1

Zoning Map 2

Zoning Map 3

Zoning Map 4

Zoning Map 5

Zoning Map 6

Zoning Map 7

Zoning Map 8

Zoning Map 9

Zoning Map 10

Zoning Map 11

Zoning Map 12

Zoning Map 13

Zoning Map 14

Zoning Map 15

Zoning Map 16

Zoning Map 17

Zoning Map 18

Zoning Map 19

Zoning Map 20

Zoning Map 21

Zoning Map 22

Zoning Map 23

Zoning Map 24